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Need a PhotograpHER to capture the shot?
I'm the HER in Photographer!

Meet Shannel Resto

Artist, Photographer, Dancer, Author

Hello newcomers, my name is Shannel Resto, founder, and photographer of SJR Photography. I am an internationally based artist, who relocated to Atlanta from New York City as a rehearsal director, choreographer, dancer, photo editor, photographer and now author of my new photography coloring book Capture The Colors available now on Amazon. I grew up in Boston, MA, where I attended Boston Arts Academy and graduated with a BFA in dance at Rutgers University from Mason Gross School of the Arts. I have also trained at Trinity Laban Conservatoire for dance and choreography while interning for photography at STUDIO 101 in London. 

SJR Photography emerged in 2013 as the culmination of my dual passions for performing arts and photography. Driven by a desire to expand horizons and challenge conventional thinking, I sought to ignite minds and inspire communities through my art. With a unique blend of creativity, professionalism, and an unwavering dedication to my craft, I have carved a niche for myself in the world of visual storytelling. Recognized for my eclectic style, my work has been described as storytelling, and detailed. My work immerses viewers in a world of visual narratives, inviting them to explore the depths of imagination and embrace the impossible. Every frame I capture is a labor of love, meticulously composed to bring out the captivating narratives that may otherwise go unnoticed. It's like embarking on a thrilling treasure hunt, delving into the depths of each image to uncover hidden stories and archive moments through life.

Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of collaborating with esteemed clients and achieving notable publications. My portfolio boasts an array of remarkable projects and publications such as, Life as a JPEG Book by Whitney Browne, New York City Center, Forbes, Bold Journey Magazine, The New York Times, Dance Magazine, Shoutout ATL, PLAYBILL, Time Out NYC, Voyage ATL, The Jerusalem Post, Sterling McDavid- The Starling Project, PaperCity Magazine, The Medium, Revival Blue Denim, Burnett New York- NYFW, Eryc Taylor Dance- Inside Patricia Field's Closet, PBS- ALL ARTS, No Longer Empty, Peridance, Earl Mosely Institute of the Arts and more. My work has been showcased at Raw Artist NYC, Mint ATL, Cat Eye Creative, Solo Gallery- The Travelers Obscura, Harlem Art Stroll Exhibition, and the Soho Blooming Art show. And if you're a fan of podcasts, you can catch me on some exciting shows like "She Calls Her Shots," "The Confident CEO," and "Second Act Success." 

Beyond my art, here are a few things that bring me joy and shape who I am. You'll often find me indulging in the deliciousness of pasta or asian food, appreciating the majestic grace of elephants, and building meaningful connections with my clients. It's through these connections that I have the privilege of turning their visions into cherished memories, creating experiences that stay with them long after the shutter clicks.

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